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09/2023 to 09/2026




SMP Action Grant Budget-Based [SMP-AG]

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Result 01

Impact Monitoring Network for sustainable tourism

Result 02

Repository of best practices for sustainable and digital tourism sector

Result 03

A scalable and transferable project model that enhances local and EU tourism ecosystems

Result 04

Effective and interactive communication tools that increase the project´s visibility

Result 05

A platform and network of clusters with locally enabled ecosystems

Result 06

Developing a platform and network of clusters, with locally enabled ecosystems

WP1 Programme Design, Preparation and Setup

Map and scope sustainable tourism tools, develop an impact framework and metrics, design capacity building and training programs, and measure tourism’s innovation impact.

WP2 Programme, Implementation and Development

Implement 2 EU demonstrators, embed sustainable digital tourism practices, support SME pivots, create best practices repository, train 300+ SMEs, develop innovative projects.

WP3 Upscaling and Expanding

Expand the project in EU tourism, strengthen local ecosystems, engage with project methods, and ensure continuation and wider impact.

WP4 Trans-EU Transferability, Replication and Communication

Develop and promote communication tools, disseminate project findings, support sustainable tourism policy, and ensure long-lasting impact through strategic engagement.

WP5 Project Management

Coordinate project activities, manage legal and financial aspects, facilitate partner communication, drive innovation, maintain quality, and meet deliverables on time.