Eupolis Group is an innovation co-creation advisory, training, and development company. We promote wise, agile, integrated, collaborative design, investment, ecosystems, programs, projects, products and services that create value for people, economy and the planet. Our partners are businesses, public and civic organizations,innovators, experts,  leaders and change makers passionate to explore disruptively innovative, regenerative, shared wealth business and governance models and value chains.



Finnova is a foundation that works for the promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship at the EU level. With headquarters in Brussels, it operates through collaborations and partnerships across EU countries. Finnova’s expertise in leading communication and dissemination activities for EU projects is coupled with strong proven experience in setting up businesses and entrepreneurial support programmes, like accelerators, incubators and selection and award/ceremonial events.


Envolve Entrepreneurship is a business support organization that has been at the forefront of global entrepreneurial support since its establishment in 2012. The organization champions founders and ignites innovation through an open startup ecosystem founded on efficiency, transparency, and growth. Envolve acts as a talent and knowledge hub, offering cutting-edge upskilling, valuable resources, support for founders, and impactful services and programs to the global community.

Nurturing the next generation of global disruptors, Envolve re-introduces its flagship program, Envolve Accelerator, building upon the proven track record of the former Envolve Awards, in Greece and in the USA. In Greece, the program has fuelled the growth of 37 businesses and has injected over €6,000,000 into the economy, while fostering job creation and economic welfare.


SYNYO is a global-acting enterprise focusing on research, innovation and technology located in 3 offices in Vienna, Austria. SYNYO explores, develops and implements novel methods, approaches, technologies and solutions in various domains tackling societal, political, ecological and economical challenges. SYNYO analyses the impact of emerging technologies from different angles and from an interdisciplinary perspective. The team at SYNYO consists of high-skilled employees specialized in various scientific and technical fields like Social Sciences, Safety & Security, Energy & Sustainability, Urban Future, Smart Health, or Digital Systems, Smart Technologies. The team of SYNYO consists of 31 employees working on national and international projects.

VESTBEE SP.Z O.O. (Vestbee)

Vestbee is a leading online matchmaking platform in Europe, connecting VC funds, accelerators, business angels, and corporates with innovative startups and scaleups. Serving as a catalyst for the startup and VC community, Vestbee provides an extensive toolkit, infrastructure and community. Furthermore, it offers startups software to manage fundraising, and investors, corporates, and accelerators a streamlined method for managing deal flow, applications, innovation programs, and demo days. Collaborating with esteemed global partners like Amazon Web Services, Hubspot and Zendesk, Vestbee brings startups the best deals, exclusive perks, and complimentary access to business tools that bolster their growth and development


Open Impact is an innovative start-up and accredited spin-off of the University of Milano-Bicocca that provides services and develops digital products for the measurement, enhancement and management of impacts in a perspective of integrated sustainability. Open Impact (OI) was founded in 2019 thanks to the meeting of a mix of experiences and skills coming from the world of academic research, social innovation and digital development. By collecting and systematising a huge amount of internationally validated open-source impact assessments, Open Impact has managed to create the first database in Italy for impact benchmarking. The Open Impact Database is designed to support organisations in identifying the impact they generate, linking it to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other sustainability taxonomies, such as BES and ESG