Sister Projects

Sister Projects

The overall objective of SoMMet is to develop novel metrological tools and establish a metrological foundation for soil moisture measurements on multiple lateral scales, ranging from decimetre to kilometre, ensuring the traceability and harmonisation of the various soil moisture measurement methods.

Our ambition is to close the environmental in situ data gap in Africa. To fulfill this ambition our general objective is to have cost-effective innovative sensor networks that can be financed by the climate services we develop using these sensors.

The ambition of the HORIZON Europe project 100KTREES is to make cities a better and healthier place to live by encouraging municipalities to plant more trees and to optimize the impact of tree planting.

BUILDSPACE project aims to develop innovative applications to support buildings’ energy efficiency and cities’ resilience and sustainability.

The project will utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as satellite data analysis, digital twins, virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), and drones equipped with thermal cameras.

Although the EU has made significant strides in increasing its use of renewable energy sources (RES), more needs to be done if the most calamitous effects of climate change are to be mitigated or reversed. Furthermore, the desire of the EU to shift away from fossil fuels, the majority of which are imported, would also leave it less exposed to external geopolitical factors that threaten the energy security of the bloc.

SWIFTT will provide forest managers with affordable, simple and effective remote sensing tools backed up by powerful machine learning models. Our solution will offer a holistic health monitoring service using Copernicus satellite imagery to detect and map the various risks to which forests and their managers are exposed.